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Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy

This archived index provides an incomplete list of UDRP proceedings from December 1999 through November 2007. Search tools for proceedings not included in this index can be found at the individual dispute proceedings sites of ICANN's approved dispute resolution service providers, a legal search resource or, a public search engine. Please note that a "pending" indication for the status of a proceeding in this archived index is no longer current.

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1 worldwrestlingfederation.com
1999-12-09 2000-01-18 WIPO D1999-0001 UDRP Name transfer,[21]
2 americanvintage.com
2000-01-03 2000-02-20 WIPO D2000-0004 UDRP Name transfer,[21]
3 musicweb.com
2000-01-03 2000-02-21 WIPO D2000-0001 UDRP Name transfer,[21]
4 telstra.org
2000-01-04 2000-02-18 WIPO D2000-0003 UDRP Name transfer,[21]
5 telstranet.com
2000-01-04 2000-02-21 WIPO D2000-0002 UDRP Case terminated,[38]
6 buyerschoice.com
2000-01-10 2000-03-09 NAF FA92015 UDRP Complaint Denied,[25]
7 icqsms.com
2000-01-11 2000-02-04 NAF FA92016 UDRP Name Transferred,[21]
8 facetime.com
2000-01-13 2000-02-18 NAF FA92048 UDRP Name Transferred,[21]
9 telaxis.com,telaxis.net
2000-01-14 2000-03-07 WIPO D2000-0005 UDRP Complaint dismissed,[25]
10 six.net,sixnet.com
2000-01-17 2000-03-02 WIPO D2000-0008 UDRP Complaint dismissed,[25]

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0481)
eRes=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0482)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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