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Accountability and Review

Note: This page reflects work done between 2006-2008 relating to an independent review of ICANN's accountability and transparency. Please see other resources on ICANN's website for more recent activities relating to transparency and accountability.

ICANN's Accountability and Review processes are set forth in ICANN Bylaws Article IV.

In carrying out its mission to ensure the stable and secure operation of the Internet's unique identifier systems, ICANN has committed to be accountable to the community for operating in a manner that is consistent with its Bylaws, and with due regard for the core values set forth in the Bylaws.

Accountability and Transparency Frameworks and Principles

In order to reinforce its transparency and accountability mechanisms, ICANN has established processes for reconsideration and independent review of ICANN actions. ICANN has also established the Office of the Ombudsman to evaluate and where possible resolve complaints about unfair or inappropriate treatment by ICANN.


For more information about ICANN's Ombudsman, please visit

If you have a dispute you want the Ombudsman to investigate, or to contact the Ombudsman, please visit


ICANN's Board of Directors has established a Reconsideration Committee to handle requests from any person or entity that has been materially affected by any ICANN staff action if such person or entity believes the action contradicts established ICANN policies, or by actions of the Board that such person or entity believes has been taken without consideration of material information. Note: this is a brief summary of the relevant Bylaws provisions. For more information about ICANN's reconsideration process, please visit

Independent Review

In addition to the Office of the Ombudsman and its reconsideration process, ICANN has also established a separate process for independent third-party review of Board actions alleged by an affected party to be inconsistent with ICANN's Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws. For additional information about the independent review process, please refer to ICANN Bylaws Article IV, Section 3. The Bylaws provide that requests for independent review will be referred to an Independent Review Panel ("IRP"). ICANN has designated the International Centre for Dispute Resolution to operate the independent review process. To initiate a request for Independent Review, please complete the ICDR form which can be found here. ICDR will then contact you to discuss the process in more detail. For more information on the ICDR's International Arbitration rules and procedures, click here. Details of the supplemental rules for the ICANN process can be found here. IRP documents can be found here.

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