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Andy Mueller-Maguhn

Andy Mueller-Maguhn was elected to the ICANN Board of Directors in November 2000. He was chosen to represent the European region in the At-Large voting process conducted in October 2000. He server until 26 June 2003, he is a citizen of Germany, 28 years old, and is a professional journalist.

For over 16 years he has been studying technological and social developments in the area of electronic networks. He has been a member of the Chaos Computer Club since the early eighties and serves on its board. Through this work, he gets in touch with and looks after projects that claim a critical and creative handling of technology. The main part of this work lies within the future-compatible structures and lifeforms and in the attempt to support those developments through transparency.

Al list of his writings and speaking engagements is available here. Click here for Mr. Müller-Maguhn's personal web page.

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