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In response to Hugues post: Which five countries would you propose?


	I did not mean to offend, which obviously I did by the tone in your post.
I see your point about the geographic consideration. I am not saying that
the international community has no part in the growth of the Internet. It
is the world wide web. We are only talking about the top level domains of
.com .net and .org. Aren't these originally US Domains? Isn't it currently
handled by one US company and the US government? I believe that the .uk
domain is available in the UK. Which five countries do you propose? China,
Australia, The former Soviet Union, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, any
one country in the middle east, which country in Africa, India, Japan,
Canada, Mexico, Brazil...the list is endless. How can you choose only five
that would not hugely politicize the process. Do you really want the US
State department involved to assure that we are not forming or destroying
alliances? While the US tries to keep its business and government separate,
many countries do not. What is your view on a government having control of
one of the registration slots? At some point, we can open it up to the
world. I just do not see how you can decide which four countries to do it
with right now.