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Domain Extension for Pornographic Web Sites

I recently read that new naming conventions for web sites may include
expanding the number of extensions from the current .org, .net, .com, .edu,
and .gov to such things as .store, .arts, .web, .firm, etc.

I think this is a marvelous idea and I also think that it can be used to
solve one of the most perplexing problems on the Internet, i.e. access to

My suggestion is that an extension such as ".sex" be created and
pornographers be encouraged to register their sites under this extension.  I
believe that most persons involved in presenting sexually explicit material
on the Internet would do so for two reasons.  First, it would allow a simple
solution (see below) to blocking children's access to those sites, and
second it would increase the speed of searches by those who are looking for
pornographic sites.

After the ".sex" extension is introduced, it would be a simple thing for the
creators of web browsers to make the default settings such that the browsers
would not access a ".sex" site.  In order to unlock this setting it could be
made necessary for the user to physically appear at a store and present
identification authenticating that they are over the legal age so that they
could pick up (or buy?) the software key which would unlock a single

In order to make implementation of this concept work, it would be necessary
that the new naming systems be made incompatible with the current version of
all web browsers so that each user would need to download an upgrade in
order to use the new system.  This upgrade would include the ".sex" lock.
For a short period after implementation the net might be jammed as everyone
downloads the new system, however it should be no worse than when a new
version of one of the browsers becomes available for download now.  I think
the inconvenience would be worth the solution.

Of course, there will always be some persons who can work their way around
the system.  But since the target of this solution is children, the number
of children who have the capability to circumvent the controls will be quite

There may also be some persons who do not wish to use the ".sex" extension,
however I believe that the main stream pornographers will put pressure on
most to use it and the ones that are left can be dealt with by the ISP's
from a much stronger position, i.e. the ISP can make the web site owner
justify why their sexually explicit material is displayed on a non
restricted site.  

If this concept were implemented, parents would be less afraid of the
Internet and more ready to allow their children to use it, especially as it
is passive in not requiring the parents to know or do something to make the
block work.  Also, the rights of pornographers would be secure in that they
could purvey their wares to the entire Internet, while also giving them with
the assurance that children are protected.  In this way, the Internet could
be as controlled as the print media.

Yours truly,

Kevin J. Ashley
California, USA

P.S. Although I have written this suggestion with pornography in mind, it
occurs to me that this capability of the web browser could be used to
restrict casual access to other groups of web sites, such as government
installations, academic discussion groups, etc.  The group in question would
need only to apply for a unique extension that falls into the restricted
category and then only those persons who have received the software key
would be able to readily use their browser to view those sites.