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End NSI monopoly

I don't understand this "currently employed technology" described below.  We certainly have the technology to keep two or three or a hundred databases synchronized.  Why doesn't ICANN just end NSI's monopoly by allowing many registry companies?  Each registry company would only need to transport the delta's (changes) amongst themselves for all to have a copy of the same database.
This test phase of ICANN should be about breaking up the registry monopoly.  Could someone please explain why the below paragraph makes such an enormous and incorrect assumption?
From ICANN's proposal:
To introduce competition to the greatest extent possible, while recognizing that under currently employed technology it is not practical to divide responsibility for operating the registry (database) for a single domain, in its Green Paper and White Paper the U.S. Government adopted a model in which the provision of domain name registration services is segmented into registry- and registrar-level services.