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Mail list semantic Games of Kent Crispin was:Re: NSI payments Adam Todd and Richard Sexton

Stef and all,

  We second this completely Stef.  Thank you!  >;)

  In addition it is also against Government and their code of ethics, for a
Government employee (Which Kent Crispin is) to use such language
in public discourse and is subject to review by his superiors.  As such
there needs to be more than one complaint to justify an investigation into
such a matter.  In that that is the case here with your response and
attention, Stef, I will be forwarding this on to the proper authorities
and register a complaint as well to meet those requirements.

Einar Stefferud wrote:

> Hello Kent;-)...
> I think you fail to understand the semantics of "privately held" in
> that .MIL is indeed privately held by the USGovt for use by the US
> Military, just like the entire ARPANET was privately owned (and
> operated) by the US Govt, which totally controlled all access and use
> of the ARPANET until the day ARPANET was decommissioned.
> Now one was allowed to use it or connect to the ARPANET without
> experess permission passed down through ARPA Contractors.  The fact
> that the various contrators were given permission to rather freely
> hand out access to various people, incuding strays that popped up on
> MIT-AI (no doubt included a few Soviet and Chinese Spies;-)!
> IN fact, no one is allowed to connet to or use the DOE or LLNL
> Internet facitlities without permission of the DOE or LLNL, so all
> that stuff you are using at work is in fact privately owned;-)...  If
> you disagree, then let me know so I can tell my frinds in your area
> that they can get free Intrernet services from LLNL.
> So, the fact that the US Govt ones private property should not
> surprise you, but you must admit that all US Govt Property is not
> available for use by just any US Citizen, or non-citizen for the
> matter.
> Note the clear distintion between Govt Private Property and Govt
> Public Property such as National Parks and Interstate Highways, and
> otehr public buildings, etc...
> I just thought it might be useful to clarify the warped semantics that
> you like to play with;-)...  Changing the names of things like draft
> docs on a daily basis and using words with your own private semantic
> loadings may be very handy for unbalancing discussions, but it sure
> does not help to find consensus or to find common ground.
> We would all appreciate it if you would just stop playing the
> semantics game;-)>..
> Cheers...\Stef
> >From your message Sat, 27 Feb 1999 15:44:29 -0800:
> }
> }On Sat, Feb 27, 1999 at 10:17:06AM -0800, Simon Higgs wrote:
> }[...]
> }>
> }> And on the original topic, and speaking personally as an ordinary .MIL
> }> user, I think you're going to have an impossible time trying to usurp
> }> control over any privately held TLD. Especially one with nukes. ;-) (for
> }> the reality impaired, that's a joke, folks)
> }
> }It would take a most bizarre interpretation of "privately held" to
> }call .mil a "privately held" TLD.
> }
> }--
> }Kent Crispin, PAB Chair                                "Do good, and you'll be
> }kent@songbird.com                              lonesome." -- Mark Twain


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