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At Large Council's Authority to Develop Policy

While there is nothing in the bylaws to prevent the At Large Council
from developing policy proposals, there is less incentive for members to
join if the only voice they have is a veto once removed.  The individual
Internet user should be able to express a need in a positive fashion,
rather than waiting for an SO to raise the matter.  Directors should
have a means of knowing what their constituents desire.  Given that the
At Large Directors have such an influential vote on SO proposals, it
would seem appropriate and efficient to solicit the reaction of the
Membership as early as possible in the SO policy development process.

I suggest the following amendment to Article II Section 9 of the Bylaws
at http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws-amend-redline-8oct99.htm

Add an additional clause to Section 9:

"(i) Nothing herein shall prevent the At Large Council from developing
policy proposals for consideration by the Board of Directors on any
matter within the Board's subject matter jurisdiction.  Further, in the
interests of efficiency and careful review, the Supporting Organizations
and the Membership Council are encouraged to make available to each
other as early as practicable the text of proposals that may be of
interest to the other."

Diane Cabell
Harvard Law School
Fausett, Gaeta & Lund, LLP
Boston, MA