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proposed amendments to Art V section 24

   The current version of Art V sect 24 has two weaknesses:

PROPOSAL #1.  Modify Article V, section 24 to delete the clause "Unless
waived by a majority vote at a meeting" at the start of the article.

   Discussion:  Robert Rules already provides mechanisms to suspend some or
all of its rules for a time; e.g., unanimous consent, Committee of the
Whole.  It is NOT appropriate for a simple majority vote to remove the rules
of procedure -- this would allow a simple majority to, for example, remove
the rule that requires a super-majority vote to terminate debate on an
issue.  Super-majority provisions exist in Roberts Rules to prevent abuse by
a slim majority, and should not be suspendable by a majority vote.

   To look at it in a different way, the current wording would be similar to
a provision which allows a simple majority to suspend any part of the
Bylaws, including those parts which required 2/3rds majority of the whole
Board to take action.

PROPOSAL #2.  Add to Article V, section 24, "the At Large Council" before
"and Supporting Organizations".

   Discussion: Like the other SO's, the At Large Council needs to be able to
revert to a parliamentary authority in its proceedings.

   -- Eric Scace