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Art II Sect 6 - failure to include region membership minimum

   The proposal for a new Art II Sect 6, Initial Selection of the At Large
Council (and Board), sentence #2 requires an individual to be selected by
members residing in Africa and an individual to be selected by members
residing in Latin America/Caribbean.

   However, in contrast to the general requirement for 5,000 members before
selection can begin, there is no minimum electorate size for these two
regions to choose their member.

   If geographic diversity is the goal, then provision should be made for a
reasonable electorate size.

   I suggest that at least 250 members (e.g., 5% of the global minimum) from
each of the five regions is a reasonable objective.  [This does not replace
the 5,000 member worldwide goal.  If adopted, this approach would require at
least 5,000 members worldwide, and at least 250 members in each Geographic
Region, before elections could be held.]

   Note that experts on election processes recommend not setting quorum
requirements (or their equivalent) too high.

   In the event that the minimums can not be met, ICANN should consider the
situation to be similar to a lack of a quorum: the process then focuses
solely on developing the necessary quorum to hold elections... and all other
business (e.g., all At Large Council elections) are postponed until a date
when the quorum requirements are met.  [Note: it would not be appropriate to
proceed with elections for the 4 worldwide positions, as any region lacking
its minimum membership would be underrepresented in the global electorate.]

-- Eric Scace