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[Comment-Dnso] A big Problem with the ISP constituency

Dear Mr. Schneider,
In any event, I feel that all this is ultimately immaterial, as you are
perfectly free to join DNSO's ISP constituency if you believe that
EuroISPA is
not able to speak for Spain.

Frankly, I'm tired of repeating myself.

The point is that not EuroISPA nor ASIMELEC represent countries, they just
represent their  members.

>> The problem still remains. The way the ISP constituency has been planned,
>> most of us are excluded from the founding members and it is up to you to
>> decide who joins and who does not.
>I would not dream of doing that.

This is not what the documents that you have sent-in say. You are
contradicting the application.

>> Now, two very direct and public questions:
>> Are the signatories of your draft prepared to open the document for a
>> comment period or not?

>Of course. Please read the 1st sentence of the Intro's 2nd paragraph:

>>> In the view of the undersigned, this document will until its
ratification by
>the ICANN Board remain the basis for further discussion and revisions. <<

By the original closed group of signatories? Who decides on changes?

>> Are they prepared to accept as founding members all those who wish to be

>Of course (if they have a stake in the ISP business).

You are again contradicting the official documents that you have sent in.
The document says that the closed group of founding memebers will decide if
you accept new members or not, plus, you will give yourselves three months
to do so, allowing yourselves to keep organizations out for the first

We would like to see (officially, meaning in a new version of the draft)
all these things that you promise in your e-mail:

1) A way of joining the group of founding members.
2) An official way for comments to be sent in to the founding members about
changes in the document.
3) A way in which founding members discuss among them the differenet issues.

Then, when we see that we have the minimum conditions for open process, we
can start discussing issues such as how the draft might be excluding small
ISPs, which would be unnaceptable to ICANN, as these companies would be
excluded from participation in the DNSO in any other way, and therefore
excluded altogether.

Unless we see a clear answer to all this very quickly (in a new draft
application), we will be forced, as I already warned you, to write a
democratic charter and bring it to Berlin for discussion.

Best Regards,
Manuel Hurtado