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[Comment-Dnso] Intellectual Property Constituency of the DNSO

To:  ICANN Board		
From:  Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago

Dear Board Members:

	I am the President of the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago
(IPLAC).  Our Association consists of over 900 members who are engaged in
the practice of intellectual property law. Among the missions of IPLAC is
to "aid in the development of the patent, trademark and copyright laws, the
administration thereof, and the procedures in connection therewith."
Because of the  importance of domain names and the Internet in the field of
intellectual property, we are extremely interested in the activities of ICANN.

	I am writing on behalf of IPLAC to communicate our Association's support
for the official recognition and accreditation of the Intellectual Property
Constituency (IPC) as a DNSO Constituency Group.  This group, which has
submitted the "New York Document" to ICANN as its application, presently
consists of the following organizations: ABA-IPL, AIPLA, APAA, ASCAP, BMI,

	We feel that this group of organizations is broadly based and has a
tremendous amount of expertise that it can contribute to Internet
governance and domain name issues.  We recommend the the group be
recognized as a DNSO Constituency Group for Intellectual Property.

Very truly yours,
						       William T. McGrath
						       P.O. Box 472
						       Chicago, IL 60690