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[Comment-Dnso] RE: [IFWP] Continued manipulations of the NCDNHC by ISOC: How come to compromise with dishonest people?

Michael Sondow wrote:
> The following message from David Maher appeared on the listserv that
> ISOC is using to organize support for its version of the NCDNHC. It
> is a serious abuse of the organizational procedures for constituency
> formation. No mechanism for the nomination or election of NCDNHC
> officers or Names Council members has been agreed upon yet, nor even
> who the membership of the NCDNHC will be, yet ISOC is nominating and
> electing its own members. Furthermore, the persons communicating
> totally disregard the ICIIU and its supporting organizations, as if
> they didn't exist, whereas the ICIIU and its supporters were the
> original organizers of the constituency.

No, Maher is stating that he (or someone else) will nominate Echeberria if
and when nominations are opened.  He specifically states that elections are
not yet being held.

> Further, attached below is ISOC's version of the Berlin NCDNHC
> compromise proposal put forth by the ACM and agreed upon
> provisionally (except for Article V) by the ACM, ICIIU, and ISOC.
> Yet to their constituents, on a listserv dishonestly named "NCDNSO"
> as if ISOC already controlled, not a constituency, but a Supporting
> Organization named the NCDNSO, they have misrepresented the
> compromise proposal as being theirs, and have gone so far as to
> pretend that the organizations supporting the ICIIU do not exist and
> that an eventual election will poll their supporters (fraudulently
> obtained by pretending ISOC was the sole orgainzer of the NCDNHC)
> but not the ICIIU's.

The message you attached specifically mentions both the ACM-IGC and the
ICIIU in several places, and incorporates by reference both organizations'
supporter lists as well as ISOC's.  Anyone who reads it can easily determine
that your claims regarding its content are false.  Why do you continue to
spread easily refutable lies about others' actions?   Do you think we're

> This continued manipulation and abuse by ISOC - an organization that
> in no way represents the broader community of non-commercial
> organizations having an interest in the Internet - of the democratic
> constituency formation process defined by ICANN makes compromise
> difficult if not impossible. The ICIIU agreed in Berlin to a
> compromise proposal for the constituency, and we have hoped that all
> parties would stop their zero-sum games and negotiate in good faith.
> However, ISOC seems incapable of doing so. No sooner do they return
> from Berlin, than they begin again to manipulate people and
> organizations with the idea of taking over and controlling the
> NCDNHC for themselves.
> The ICIIU calls on the ICANN board, the U.S. Government, the
> European Union, the press, the World Trade Association, and all
> right-thinking persons involved in this process to oppose and put a
> stop to this unfair and undemocratic usurpation of the
> non-commercial constituency of ICANN's DNSO by a single
> organization: ISOC.

Your message is yet another attempt on your part to manipulate the process
by deliberately mischaracterizing the actions of your political opponents as
part of your continuing pathetic attempt to set yourself up as the czar of
the NCDNHC.  It is you who should be sanctioned, not ISOC.

> Michael Sondow
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> International Congress of Independent Internet Users (ICIIU)
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> Subject: [Enred-DNSO] Latin American Representative
> Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 18:37:17 -0500
> From: "David W. Maher" <dwmaher@IBM.NET>
> To: NCDNSO@listserv.isoc.org
> Oscar:
>         In response to your message quoted below, Mr Echeberria's
> name will be placed in nomination to be the Latin American
> representative on the slate of interim officers of the
> Non-Commercial constituency as soon as Milton agrees to hold the
> election.
> Best regards,
> David
> You wrote:
> David and Milton,
>         On behalf of ENRED, the latin american cientific and
> academical networks asociation, I want you to propose to Mr. Raul
> Echeberria, as the Latin representative to the Non-Commercial
> constituency.
>         Mr. Echeberria (raul@inia.org.uy) has been working in the
> Internet in latinAmerica, especifically in Uruguay, since 1994, He
> is alternate president of ENRED, ISOC member, program committee
> member for the Latin American Networking workshop (INET'99) and
> national of Uruguay.
>         ENRED is an organization wich groups Universities, NGO's,
> ccTLDs and individuals from latinamerica.
>         We appreciate your time and effort in this constituency and
> we hope we can support your unified proposal to become the seventh
> constituency approved by the board.
>         Best regards,
>                         Oscar Alejandro
> ........................................................