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[Comment-Dnso] Halogen, Fluorescent and Automobile Lamps





1. Halogen, Fluorescent and Automobile Lamps,

2. Europe CE Quality, Chinese price,

3. A better business than selling GE.



Dear Sir


We find your company from Internet.

We take this opportunity to recommend our HALOGEN, FLUORESCENT and AUTOMOBILE LAMPS to you.





We are the exporter for Star-lite Lighting Electric Factory Ltd., GuangDong, China.


Established 1969 and with 530 staff, the factory has 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing of Halogen bulbs and Automobile's lamps.

It is the only supplier producing whole series of every type of Tungsten Halogen lamps in China. In 1992, the factory produced the first JCD bulb in China.





The factory has CE and CSA certifications for halogen lamps and E13 certifications for Automobile's lamps (in process).

Because of our best (Quality + Service / Price), the factory exported over USD 3,230,000 of these lamps in 1998.

These lamps are widely used in more 30 countries around the world, including USA, CAN, Latin American, UK, FRA, JAP, South- east Asia, middle-east, Russia and East Europe.





1. You decide at what prices our bulbs are selling. We know that the wholesale price in your country is 5 to 15 times higher than our FOB PRICE, so we wish all of you having a excellent business by selling our bulb.

2. You decide to whom our bulbs are selling

3. You decide with what Brand our bulbs are selling. We are willing to be your OEM.





1. From http://www.goldeninc.com/Catalogs%20online.htm we invite you to download an online catalog. We are sorry that we can not mail you a traditional paper catalog.

2. You may asked to pay for the samples and their freight.

3. Please visit http://www.goldeninc.com/lights/index.htm for further information.





We apologize in advance if your company doesn't like this. 

We couldn't be more grateful, if you could forward this message to your connecting companies, who may be interested in it. Or refer us the company, which are interested.

Kindly tell us why, if you're not interested in our business.


Best Regards
Bohr Fang, Sales Director, Bohr@goldeninc.com
Bob Liang, Sales Manager, Bob.liang@goldeninc.com
Golden Industry Inc
TEL: +86 315 611 5693, FAX: +86 315 611 6314
www.goldeninc.com, info@goldeninc.com
34 Cheng Xi Street, Yutian, Tangshan,
Hebei, P R China, 064100