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[Comment-Dnso] Bylaws changes

ICANN Board,

As representative for anycastNET Incorporated, Diebold Incorporated and the
Top Level Domain Association, I hereby request that action on Bylaws
changes, as detailed below, be deferred until after ICANN responds to prior
correspondence regarding the validity of the existing gTLD Registry Names
Council representation.  Detailed information has been forwarded to Esther
Dyson and the ICANN board regarding the makeup of the gTLD Registry Names
Council structure, along with several suggested alternatives, by yours
Network Solutions Incorporated and yours truly.  Correspondence from Esther
Dyson clearly indicated she would respond directly to those suggestions in
short order.

It is my opinion, and that supported by the groups I represent, that it
would be inappropriate for ICANN to take action changing the bylaws while
the aforementioned items are yet open.

A formal request for reconsideration of the current ICANN Names Council
position has been submitted per instructions found on ICANN web pages.
Please refrain from action until that reconsideration has been pursued.

Gene Marsh
anycastNET Incorporated
Diebold Incorporated
Top Level Domain Association

Gene Marsh
president, anycastNET Incorporated