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[Comment-Dnso] Proposed Bylaw Amendments

As to section 2A, I object to the notion that the board should be concerned
with resolving disputes about who is or is not a name council member. This
is in direct conflict with the stated goal of having a self organizing S.O.
The Board should only concern itself with questions concerning the correct
application of the bylaws and articles of the corporation.

For section 3C, the geographic diversity requirements should be enforced, or
dropped. Allowing the Board to selectively enforce the provisions is
equivalent to dropping them, while maintaining the appearance that there is
still a requirement of diversity. I would prefer that the requirements be
kept, and that they be enforced.

The latter part of 3C shows the difficulty of implementing any kind of fair
constituency scheme. Forcing any kind of artificial grouping -always-
results in an imbalance of one kind or another, and in this case the
imbalance was glaring. Either there is a GTLD constituency equivalent to the
others, or there is not. Complicating the constituency scheme to create
'weak' and 'strong' constituencies is just more gerrymandering that will
tempt even more gaming of the system. This one cannot be fixed.

In section 2F, The board does not need a bylaw provision to remove a names
council member. If there are going to be constituencies, then the recall
process is the responsibility of the constituency, and could be unique for
each. Granting this unqualified power to the board simply means that
eventually NC council members will be removed for pure political reasons.

As a final comment, I would like to say that I consider this process to be
an exercise in futility. To this date ICANN has shown absolutely no interest
in enforcing its current bylaws, and I expect it to show the same
indifference to these documents in the future. The only reason that I
continue to participate is to remove the excuse that autocratic behavior is
OK because it was unopposed.

David Schutt
Speco, Inc.
Schiller Park, IL

"Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know." - Michel