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[Comment-Dnso] RE: [wg-c] Straw Vote

While I don't support the idea of voting at this stage, should I vote, I
would largely
agree with Rita's outline and caveats. Marilyn Cade, AT&T
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From: Rita M. Odin [mailto:OdinR@arentfox.com]
Sent: Monday, August 16, 1999 2:15 PM
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>>> Jonathan Weinberg <weinberg@mail.msen.com> 08/12 4:52 PM >>>


>Option 1: Without regard to whether it would be >desirable to have many
>gTLDs in the long term, ICANN should proceed now by adding >only a few, and
>then pausing for evaluation.  Only after assessing the results >should it
>initiate any action to add more.

I vote for option 1 - with the ever present caveat that no action should be
taken to add gTLDs until the following have been put into place: (1) a
universal, reliable and searchable database of contact information for all
domain name registrants; (2) a workable uniform dispute resolution
procedure; and (3) a famous name policy.

Rita M. Odin