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Observations on the applications to become the DNSO

Declaration of interest - I am an individual member of ISOC.

The proposal from ECE and others is the more realistic and I would vote
in favour of it, with one reservation.  The copyright interest has a
disproportionate influence.  I would argue that its interests are
adequately reflected through the other members and it should have no
separate representation.  If this interest is given seats, then 'equal
time' can reasonably be demanded by those that oppose any claim to such
rights in the gTLD space.  (The ccTLD spaces are already governed by
existing national laws of copyright. [see footnote])  

Further, to give this interest representation establishes a precedent
whereby any interest group can assert its right to representation.  What
next? Gambling?  Pornography? Religious? Law enforcement?
The ORSC proposal falls on the simple test that the General Assembly has
to be held in a particular location and inevitably it will have a
majority from that locale, even though it is a tiny minority of the
total mass of Internet users.  It is also open to being 'packed' by a
particular affiliation.


[footnote - an acid test for the new DNSO is how it proposes to deal
with the issue where US copyright holders presume proprietorial rights
over the .com space.  Refer to precedents such as prince.com.  It is
also instructive to look at the (non-Internet) litigation between Apple
Corps (ta The Beatles) and Apple Computer Inc]

With best regards
	R Kearns