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Re: [IFWP] FW: DNSO lobbying tactics

Chuck, Don and all,

  Are you suprised Don?  You shouldn't be.  We are sure not!  This has
been the sort of tactics that the DNSO.ORG has been employing from
the very start, and to some extent with ICANN's help as well....  I
if the ITAA is employing the same PR firm ICANN is?

cgomes@internic.net wrote:

> Telage, Don wrote:
> >
> > NSI is a member of ITAA and inexplicably did not get Ms.
> O'Niell's distorted
> > and outrageous invitation to endorse BMW! I'm hopelessly
> disappointed in
> > those engaged in this sham activity. Do you have no self
> respect?  Don
> > Telage
> >


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