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Formal Objection against the alleged DNSO.ORG submission

As a member of the DNSO.ORG participants, and a member of the DNOS.ORG
Drafting Team, I herewith formally object to the draft being presented
under the name of DNSO.ORG. I wish to enter the following opinion:

That the draft has not been produced in accordance with the
ICANN requirements of openness, fairness, transparency and

That the draft has never been submitted to the DNSO.ORG 
participants for consensus;

That it does not enjoy the support of the majority of the DNSO.ORG

That hardly any of the founding signatories of the
Barcelona/Monterrey/Washington Draft attended either the
Barcelona or the Monterrey meeting, whereas hardly any of the
DNSO.ORG participants attended the Washington meeting;

That senior members of the Transition and Drafting Teams have
subsequently come out in support of the Paris Compromise; I am
aware of at least Messrs Semich, van Couvering, Robles, Chon, 
Quaynor, Sondow, and Turcotte, some of whom are indeed
founding signatories of the Paris Compromise; 

That the DNSO.org draft in fact has not been produced by the DNSO.ORG
at all and, since it is being presented under a false name and
false auspices, should therefore not be considered by the ICANN

And that, regarding substance, I distance myself from this draft
and instead support the Paris Compromise.

Dr. Eberhard W. Lisse\         /                 Swakopmund State Hospital
<el@lisse.NA>         *        |                  Resident Medical Officer
Private Bag 5004       \      / +264 81 1246733 (c) 64 461005(h) 461004(f)
Swakopmund, Namibia     ;____/       Domain Coordinator for NA-DOM (el108)

Personal Comments of E. Lisse

I am the Administrator of the ccTLD .NA since its inception in 1991
and the founding Vice Chairman of the Namibian Internet Development
Foundation, which has connected Namibia to the Internet in 1994. I
might add, to my knowledge the only developing country (in Africa) to
manage this without outside funding.  According to Mark Lottor's
latest domainwalk .NA is the third largest Internet in Africa after
South Africa and Egypt (if you were to believe the duplicate figures,
even before Egypt). I am also a founding member of the IATLD.

I have been an early participant in the DNSO process by way of the
DNSO.ORG. I could not attend the Barcelona meeting because of
financial constraints and only some strong words from my side made
DNSO.ORG's organizers include me even into the pre-conference
teleconference. My proposals on behalf of the African region were read
into the record of the Barcelona conference but not discussed (the
minutes thereof are on the DNSO.ORG website).

With partial funding provided by the IATLD I managed to attend the
Monterrey conference at considerable expense for my own account I
might add, and was elected into the Drafting Team that was given the
mandate to develop a draft application which was then to be voted upon
by, at least, the participants of the Monterrey meeting.

I then attended the Internet Governance in Africa conference in
Cotonou, Benin. On my return I started to interact with the Drafting
Team, or rather Mr Crispin and Mr Abril i Abril, who was not part of
the Drafting Team but took it upon himself to decide what the Drafting
Team should do. He tried to remove voices critical to his from the
Drafting Team which he then wanted to draft another application with
input from TM lobby organizations. Only my strongest objections
prevented this. After the Monterrey Draft was finalized by Mr Crispin,
with little input from others, Mr Abril i Abril proposed that another
draft should be written incorporating input from other sources (at
that stage almost exclusively TM lobbyists) which would then offered
as an alternative to the participants who would then in one form or
other decide which draft to submit.

During this effort Mr Crispin did not accept any input whatsoever
which was contrary to his views. In fact on several occasions he and
Mr Abril i Abril insulted critical voices, such as Ms Barry, Mr
Sondow, myself and others, in a matter which would violate the civil
discourse rules of any deliberative organization.

The final product, deviously called the Barcelona/Monterry/Washington
(BMW) draft, has never been put to the membership. It is in clear
contradiction of the consensus reached in Monterrey, with regards to
autonomy of the Names Council, Constituencies and with its rejection
of individual members.

As I have pointed out in my objection, hardly any of the supporting
entities of the BMW draft even attended either of the Barcelona or
Monterrey meetings, whereas on the other hand hardly any fot he
participants attended the Washington meeting.

In fact many of the participants support the Paris Compromise.

Recently Mr Crispin has admitted that he didn't even write the draft,
but that it was done by Mr David Maher, a certain Jon Englund, and a
certain Joe Alhadeff, the latter two not having attended the Monterrey
meeting, in fact their names were quite unfamiliar to me.  He
mentioned other names that I had never heard of before, such as
Marilyn Cade, Sarah Deutsch, Barb Dooley, Keith Gymer, Roger Cochetti,
John Wood.

I would therefor submit, that it is not possible to accept the alleged
BMW draft as a DNSO.ORG submission under the ICANN guidelines.


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