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concerns regarding "constituencies"

Regarding the DNSO application filed by ISOC, CORE, POC, et al, I would ask
that ICANN refrain from approving the application as it currently stands.
In particular, I belive ICANN should request modification to the current
proposals for the makeup of the six "constituencies" mentioned in the
application.  As I read it, the proposal currently makes no provision for
DNSO participation by individual Internet users who may have significant
interests in the work of the DNSO.  I speak of individual domain name
holders who are neither for-profit businesses, or non-profit organizations,
but merely individuals involved in the DNS on their own behalf.  The
closest the proposal comes to allowing for their participation is in
constituency #3, the non-profits.  This group, however, clearly states that
it is intended for "groups, bodies and associations", and makes no
provision for individuals.  This must be rectified, or at least clarified,
if the intention was for individuals to be included here as well.

My other concern is with the existence of the sixth constituency, that of
"Trademark and anti-counterfeiting interests".  I am not convinced of the
value of its inclusion, as it seems to be essentially a subset of the
for-profit business and the non-profit organization constituencies.
Creating such an artificial duplication of membership will result in undue
and inappropriate over-representation of these concerns, and I fear will
lead toward the further "trademarkification" of the Internet domain-name
space.  Such a development is not only destructive to smaller corporate,
non-profit, and individual domain-name holders, but I believe it has
significant legal problems as well.  Please consider requesting the removal
or reduction of this repetitive representation, should you decide to move
forward with this application.

- Paul

Paul Stauffer, MCSE
Systems Analyst/Administrator       ----====<< Quotes 'R' Us >>====----
Boston University                 ---==<< http://quotes-r-us.org/ >>==---