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On behalf of the Forum of Nets of Latin America and the Caribbean (ENRED) we manifest our adhesion to the draft of Paris, for the following reasons:

* We find positive that the quantity of constituencies is not specified. It allows that the diverse organizations can conform a constituency and beingrecognized as such, according to groups of specific interests.

* In order to reach the appropriate balances we are agree about no settling down a number defaulted of members in the Council of the DNSO, and that it will depend on the quantity of constituencies that it exist.

* Apropos the geographical representation, the position is pertinent, since it points out that the three members of each group who integrate the Council have to be of three different regions. That implies that from its beginning no region will have but of 33% of the members of the Council. Also, if after having conformed the Council, there is some region that doesn't have members, then a delegate it could be added of those regions. This solves in a simple and effective way the problem of the geographical diversity.

* It is important that the ccTLDs have some way to change the operative problems, and the mechanism of veto of the ccTLDs where the votes of the ccTLDs is required to approve a modification in the politicians of registrations, goes in this sense, nevertheless, we consider necessary to deepen in this topic.

* We agree in the DNSO will be an advisory Council of the board of ICANN, since
otherwise a heavy and expensive structure would be created.

* We also recommend adding the following point for their discussion:

* To elaborate contracts between the ccTLDs and the ICANN, without  paying, would
give guarantees to the both parts, because anyone could take attributions that are not foreseen in the contract, and also, it would give bigger guarantees to the community. 

*It is important to specify which type of decisions required special
majorities of the ccTLDs; which are those special majorities, and if in
those majorities they are included to all the registers or alone to the

Finally, we are open to support the proposal that it arises of the consent and if it considers the indicated points, as well as any other of interest for AL&C.

Luis Eliecer Cadenas