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Re: [IFWP] Re: [dnsproc-en] Re: Domain Names are property, says court

Stef and all,

  It has been readily apparent that from the beginning of the ICANN formation

that they were intending to claim ownership of all of the information
even remotely related to DN's, IP addresses, and Protocols.  This was
plainly evident in the discussions over the bylaws as I recall.  And of
with some recent court decisions, this is as Bill put it, Horse Puckey!

  If you review the Accreditation Policy on ICANN's site closely you will see

that they wish for you to give up any right to ownership or your registration

data that is contained within the Registry data, and that ICANN can do with
data whatever they wish.  This too is contrary to current US law, as well
as many other countries laws with respect to privacy and data ownership.

Einar Stefferud wrote:

> Thanks Bill -- I have been making that point now for about two years,
> and you are the first person to restate it in other words!
> I welcome your support for the concept that ICANN is claiming to onw
> things that they have not been conceived.
> My claim is that the "ICANN owns all names" business model is terribly
> flwaed, and that the correc tmodel is that they hold advertising space
> in their zone file, and registrants rent that space to adversise their
> DNS names, wwwhich are owned by the registrant.
> At least the registrant owns the right of use, whci ICANN does not and
> the registrar does not and the registry does not.
> Cheers...\Stef
> >From your message Wed, 24 Mar 1999 23:11:51 -0800:
> }
> }At 11:49 PM 3/24/99 -0500, you wrote:
> } The name may be property, but it's the property
> }>of ICANN, and leased not to the registrant but to the registrar, who
> }>acts in the name of and retains the prerogatives of the property
> }>owner, ICANN.
> }
> }Well, we'll see about that. I have in my mind right now a domain name.
> }Before I thought it up, it did not exist.  Some space on some registry
> }existed, true enough, but that space was not filled up with some ghost-
> }like image of the domain name I'm thinking of.  ICANN is saying that
> }as soon as I tell one of the registrars what that name is, and tell them
> }I want to park it there, then the ownership of that domain name
> }transmogrifies over to ICANN?  Horse puckey.
> }
> }Bill Lovell
> }
> }


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