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Re: Geography [was Re: a cut at a icann-based pso]

Eric and all,

 Interesting comments indeed.  Let's review them..  (See below your comments)

Eric Brunner wrote:

> At 06:32 PM 4/7/99 -0400, Diane Cabell wrote:
> >One of the problems is the Board-wide cap in Article V Section 6 of the ICANN
> >bylaws.  No more than half of the Board (after the SOs are seated) can
> come from
> >one region.  I understand that this was a political concession reflecting
> the US
> >commitment to shared administration of the Net; I don't know if it's
> >re-negotiable.
> I think the subject is worth re-negotiating, though not quite
> for reasons thus far offered. Art. V, sec. 6 states a goal:
>                         broad (...) representation
> It then establishes a mechanism to obtain this goal. Given the
> reality of North American network provisioning it is unlikely
> that any Tribal person from any North American polity will hold
> a reserved North American seat.

  Why would someone of the North American Native indians be
an unlikely candidate. In fact I can think of several from Haskel
university that would make excellent representatives.  In fact
the more traditional of an American Indian (Tribalistic) the better
would be my preference.  Now I realize that such an individual may
be offensive in some ways to the IETF and most likely to the ICANN,
however it would add exceedingly to diversity and color to the PSO,
and in as much to the ICANN as well...

  This comment further seems to be a slight or an attempt at
exclusionary practice due to one ethnic origin, or at least an attempt
at such.  With the recent activities in the former Yugoslavia and
Kosova, I would find this a bit off the political exceptable norms...

> Taking as a given that the reserve pool of non-Tribal applicants
> in North America overwhelmingly favors their selection over Tribal
> applicants for geographically allocated seats, we do have a policy
> interest in re-examination of this concession -- was it sufficient?

  As far as it relates to the ethnicity of potential candidates, no. In
as much as it being a requirement for internationalization of Elected
candidates, yes, re-examination would be preferable and advisable.

> Was it sufficient for the US to "internationalize" this asset, if
> this allows the UK, FR, SU, ... each roles, but effected a barrier
> making "mathematically unlikely" any access by Tribal governments?

No it was not, in my evaluation.

> ICANN is an effort that still has some hope of maintaining its
> IETF derivation. Re-nogociating the suggested concession language
> is a reasonable activity and it is entirely consonant with our
> established philosophy.

  Our philosophy?  To whom are you referring to?

> I share Brian's (off-shore) view, that PSO-nominations not be tasked
> to meet the Art. V sec. 6 goal, as I share Karl's view that the PSO
> has precious little policy scope, and I view the construction offered
> as obstructing achievement of a difficult goal.
> ...
> >The Membership Advisory Committee is recommending that the Interim Board
> amend
> >V.6 to allow the different components to meet the geographic distribution
> >requirements independent of each other.  When we suggested the SOs name
> >one-per-region, we didn't realize you would have such a hard time fielding
> >non-US candidates.  A 2-per-region rule would also require amending the ICANN
> >Bylaw.  We would like to find a solution that allows our electorate to vote
> >knowledgeably and we'd also like At-large Directors to reflect the real user
> >population as closely as practicable.  We have until April 23 to come up
> with a
> >better plan.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks for asking.
> I concure with many who view the ASO and DNSO as having both a larger
> policy scope than the PSO, and different, even less limited applicant
> pools in more regions than North America and Europe. I suggest that the
> MAC recommend to the ICANN IB that at least one seat reserved for North
> American appointees be allocated to a Tribal director.

  If by North American Indian decent, in referring to "Tribal", I completely
agree completely.  And I would reiterate, again, the more "Traditional"
of a "Tribal" for a director the better, to include traditional insistence of
Tribal Dress, and language as well.

> Cheers,
> Eric


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