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Re: [IFWP] Discussion of Constituency Formation


One approach is to create an "open TLD" constituency
list for the time being, and assume the other is the
closed constituency.  The situation has changed dramatically
over the past several weeks.   There are more than 80
2-letter TLDs that are now open and increasing almost
daily.  More than a dozen that are being brand marketed
by third parties for specialized uses that are explicitly
generic, e.g., md.

By the way, TLDs don't really have a dot in front of
them, although I realize most of us have usually done


>1) GTLD Constituancy
>So whats the deal here, do I just set up the mailing list and invite
>everybody to join and ask ICANN to post a notice about this ?
>2) open vs. closed domains.
>By George I think they've got it.
>In a nutshell, .com and .int and gtlds and .ca and .nu are
>"country code" [1] tlds. But, .com and .nu have more in
>common with each other than say .com and .int.
>That is, .com and .nu are open domains - anybody can register
>in them, while .ca and .int are closed domains in that you must
>meet certain criteria for registration in those zones; not just
>anybody can get a .ca or .int domain; these are condidered to
>be "closed"