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Open and closed registries

NSI now proposes the new term goTLD for Generic Open 
Top Level Domain, see http://netsol.com/policy/icann427/,
and provide the following definition:

"an Internet Top Level Domain zone constituted by records 
where the subsidiary domains are globally available and 
fully self-defining for identification, branding, and 
expression purposes on an exclusive basis by any party".

Language is included with the purpose to legitimate this 

But they proposes other criteria for defining classes of

"All open and competing TLDs (both ccTLDs and goTLDs) face 
similar policy issues and should be subject to the same 

With 'open' they understand 'those [registries ?] that impose 
requirements to comply with and be subject to local national 
laws on all registrants and sub-delegates (closed ccTLDs) and 
others that, in effect, compete for customers on a global basis.'

1. How can NSI define the policy for COM, NET, ORG when every
   (new) registrar can have its own policy ?

2. Local law of the location of the registry is usually applicable 
   when a registrant enters a contract with a registry
   (as example see http://www.nic.ch/policy_04.htm, para. 26)
   but still can be open to registrants outside such a

3. Competition: there are many ccTLD's that do not intend to
   compete in any way, namely not financially, with any other
   but still can be open to to registrants outside their
   territory. In fact, NSI ist the only _relevant_ registry
   with the purpose of getting revenues as high as possible.
   Please compare number of registrations when in doubt or
   refer to NSI's own wording: "Although the goTLDs represent 
   only 3 of the current 249 TLD zones, the user-friendly policies 
   for business, organizations, and individuals and marketing 
   initiated by Network Solutions has resulted in these 3 zones 
   encompassing 52 percent of all Internet host names (Lottor, 
   Jan 1999)." Who is competing here ?