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Please add my name to the list of folk who support the continuation of
the principles and standards of RFC 1591.

Do note that .ZA might well have an authorised representative at the
Berlin meeting, viz Anthony Brooks.


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Could you please circulate this posting from Ed Sweeney (.HM ccTLD
Admin, see below) to any ccTLD Managers you know or ccTLD groups to
which you belong? We need to know how many ccTLD managers will be
attending the Berlin meetings of the DNSO and ICANN.

If you are *not* planning to attend the Berlin meetings on May 24 - 27
of the ccTLD constituency of DNSO, the DNSO General Assembly, and the
ICANN Board meeting (see www.icann.org), and you would like me to add
your name to the list of ccTLD Managers who want ICANN and the DNSO to
SUPPORT CONTINUATION OF RFC 1591, please contact me directly at
bsemich@mail.nu and I will add your name and ccTLD to the list of RFC
1591 supporters. The Berlin meetings are setting the final stage for
replacing IANA with ICANN.

If you have already indicated your continued support for RFC 1591 in
past mailings, please give me permission to publicly list your name at
the Berlin meetings as well.

Please use the subject line "I SUPPORT CONTINUATION OF RFC 1591" in your
email, and feel free to cc ICANN if you like (comment-so@icann.org)

This is *not* a request for your "proxy vote." 

It is merely a list of RFC 1591 supporters which I will present in the
event a vote to support RFC 1591 comes up during the meetings in Berlin.
(I hope to call for such a vote if the opportunity arises). 

As far as I know, only those present will be allowed to vote. But such a
list will carry considerable weight in the debate over such a vote.


Bill Semich (NIC JWS7)
.NU domain (Niue, the South Pacific)

Original-From: Ed Sweeney <ed@capital.net.au>
Original-Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 11:59:40 +1000

Could all ccTLD admins/techs going to Berlin please visit

This will enable you to lodge your own details as well as seeing who
is going along.

Ed Sweeney, .HM

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