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Re: [dnsproc-en] DIFFERENCES?

Eric and all,

Eric Brunner wrote:

> We have a document addressing one aspect of your (2)(b), available at
> http://www.world.std.com/~iipc.
> We expect to have our original, which can be found on the WIPO RFC3
> comments page (March 11th), and supporting texts also at the iipc site
> by end-of-week.
> At a slight risk of seeming inflamatory, WIPO forgot it held a roundtable
> last fall on Indigenous Intellectual Property/Heritage, forgot it is a
> part of the UN system (ILO, FAO, UNESCO, UNHRC unreferenced), and appears
> to think "no dogs or indians" is an acceptable way to define parties with
> standing in any system of internet governance. The answer to your (3) is
> that WIPO ignored our comments.

  WIPO alone with ICANN is fairly well known for ignoring comments and the
will of the Stakeholders.  This is very well documented at this point.

> Cheers,
> Eric
> At 11:16 PM 5/9/99 BST, S.A.Rudich wrote:
> >dear sirs/madams
> >
> >1) can anyone explain me which are the main differences between the
> >RFC_3 and the FINAL report?
> >
> >2) I found the web pages of mr Froomkin and mr Gerk criticising the
> >WIPO RFC_3 and the final report repactively. Can anyone tell me any
> >other published critic against the WIPO?
> >
> >3) there is any answer to these critics (either by the WIPO itself or
> >anyone else)?
> >
> >
> >s. rudich
> >
> >
> >
> >


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