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Re: RFC1591 Supporters re: ATTN: Who is going to Berlin?


J. William Semich (NIC JWS7) wrote:

> Could you please circulate this posting from Ed Sweeney (.HM ccTLD
> Admin, see below) to any ccTLD Managers you know or ccTLD groups to
> which you belong? We need to know how many ccTLD managers will be
> attending the Berlin meetings of the DNSO and ICANN.
> If you are *not* planning to attend the Berlin meetings on May 24 - 27
> of the ccTLD constituency of DNSO, the DNSO General Assembly, and the
> ICANN Board meeting (see www.icann.org), and you would like me to add
> your name to the list of ccTLD Managers who want ICANN and the DNSO to
> SUPPORT CONTINUATION OF RFC 1591, please contact me directly at
> bsemich@mail.nu and I will add your name and ccTLD to the list of RFC
> 1591 supporters. The Berlin meetings are setting the final stage for
> replacing IANA with ICANN.
> If you have already indicated your continued support for RFC 1591 in
> past mailings, please give me permission to publicly list your name at
> the Berlin meetings as well.
> Please use the subject line "I SUPPORT CONTINUATION OF RFC 1591" in your
> email, and feel free to cc ICANN if you like (comment-so@icann.org)
> This is *not* a request for your "proxy vote."
> It is merely a list of RFC 1591 supporters which I will present in the
> event a vote to support RFC 1591 comes up during the meetings in Berlin.
> (I hope to call for such a vote if the opportunity arises).
> As far as I know, only those present will be allowed to vote. But such a
> list will carry considerable weight in the debate over such a vote.
> Thanks!
> Bill Semich (NIC JWS7)
> .NU domain (Niue, the South Pacific)
> bsemich@mail.nu
> Original-From: Ed Sweeney <ed@capital.net.au>
> Original-Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 11:59:40 +1000
> Could all ccTLD admins/techs going to Berlin please visit
> http://dnso.hm/berlin.sql
> This will enable you to lodge your own details as well as seeing who
> else
> is going along.
> Regards,
> Ed Sweeney, .HM

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