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DNSO Constituency Group Definition:

   " Should the initial DNSO Constituencies currently identified as "ccTLD
registries" and "gTLD registries" be re-categorized as "open registries"
and "closed registries," identified according to whether the registry is
open to any registrant, worldwide ("open"), or is instead limited to
certain registrants based on geography, intended use, or other criteria
("closed")? "

Perhaps I do not understand this completely. I am assuming that almost all
ccTLD registries
require local presence of administrators and contact person in the country
while the 
site itself may be hosted anywhere. This I believe is good policy and
should continue. 

My assumption is that gTLD registeries will remain open to anyone who
rather choose a 
global domain for sites containing material for global audience. This
flexibility in choice
of registries should also continue.

Asim Mughal
co-delegate .pk ccTLD
former root server administrator