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NEW: Application to form the ccTLD Constituency


Please accept the attached application and organizing principles for the
ccTLD Constituency of the DNSO. This alternative application is submitted
by the International Association of Top Level Domains (IATLD) for
consideration by ICANN and by the initial meeting of the future members of
the ccTLD Constituency who will be meeting in Berlin on May 24 and 25, 1999. 

We have greatly simplified the structure of the ccTLD Constituency in this
application, compared to currently-posted application by .CA and RIPE, and
expect the regional ccTLD organizations to play a stronger role as
facilitators than is proposed in other constituency applications. This
application also recognizes RFC 1591 as the current policy-setting document
for ccTLDs, as recently reasserted by IANA.

It is our hope that this application will receive a positive response
during the meetings in Berlin.

Respectfully submitted,

International  Association of Top Level Domains (IATLD)

Antony Van Couvering, President (avc@iatld.org)
J. William Semich, Secretary/Treasurer (bsemich@iatld.org)

IATLD Member ccTLDs:

Brian Cartmell .CC - Cocos & Keeling Islands
Juan Edgar Nunez .DO - Dominican Republic
Nigel Roberts .GG (Guernsey and others)
Edward Sweeney .HM (Heard and McDonald Islands)
Sisomphet Nhoybouakong .LA (Lao People's Democratic Republic
Brian Tombleson  .MM (Myanmar)
 Daniel Camacho .MP (Northern Mariana Islands)
Yann Kwok .MU (Mauritius)
Oscar A. Robles Garay .MX (Mexico)
Dr. Eberhard W. Lisse .NA (Namibia)
 J. William Semich .NU (Niue)
Joel Disini .PH (Philippines)
Clint Mole  .KY (Cayman Islands)
Dr. Patrick Hosein  .TT (Trinidad and Tobago)
Sean Jackson .VG (British Virgin Islands and others)
Peter DeBlanc .VI (US Virgin Islands)

77 Supporting ccTLDs (Supporting continuation of RFC 1591; includes IATLD
.AI - Anguilla
.AG - Antigua and Barbuda
.AM - Armenia (RIPE/CENTR Member)
.BI - Republic of Burundi
.BO - Bolivia
.BR - Brazil
.CC - Cocos & Keeling Islands
.CD - Democratic Republic of the Congo
.CG - Republic of the Congo
.CL - Chile
.CN - China
.CR - Costa Rica
.CV - Cape Verde Islands
.DO - Dominican Republic
.DZ - Algeria
.EG - Egypt
.ER - Eritrea
.FK - Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
.GD - Grenada
.GF - French Guiana
.GG - Guernsey
.GH - Ghana
.GM - The Gambia, West Africa
.GP - Guadeloupe
.GS - South Georgia and Sandwich Islands
.GT - Guatemala
.HM - Heard and McDonald Islands
.HN - Honduras
.ID - Indonesia
.JE - Jersey
.JO - Jordan
.KW - Kuwait
.KY - Cayman Islands
.KZ - Kazakhstan
.LA - Lao People's Democratic Republic
.LB - Lebanon
.LC - Saint Lucia
.LR - Liberia
.LS - Lesotho
.LY - Libya
.ML - Republic of Mali
.MM - Myanmar
.MP - Northern Mariana Islands
.MS - Montserrat
.MT - Malta
.MU - Mauritius
.MW - Malawi
.MX - Mexico
.NA - Namibia
.NU - Niue.
.NZ - New Zealand
.PE - Peru
.PG - Papua New Guinea
.PH - Philippines
.PN - Pitcairn
.QA - Qatar
.RW - Republic of Rwanda
.SB - Solomon Islands
.SC - Seychelles
.SG - Singapore
.SV - El Salvador
.SZ - Swaziland
.TC - Turks and Caicos Islands
.TF - French Southern Territories
.TJ - Tajikistan
.TO - Tonga
.TT - Trinidad and Tobago
.UA - Ukraine
.UG - Uganda
.UY - Uruguay
.UZ - Uzbekistan
.VE - Venezuela
.VI - US Virgin Islands
.VU - Vanuatu
.VG - Virgin Islands (British)
.YU - Yugoslavia
.ZW - Zimbabwe

Proposal to Form 
Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) Constituency of the DNSO

Sumitted to ICANN on May 19, 1999. 


		In this Statement, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth
	1. "ccTLD" means country code Top Level Domain, as defined in RFC 1591.

	2. "Chair" means the leading officer or other person authorized to
represent one of the ccTLD organizations covering ccTLDs within a Region as
defined below.

	3. "DNSO" means the Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO) to be
established pursuant to Article VI-B, Section 2 of the ICANN bylaws,

	4.  "ICANN"  means the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. 

 	5. "Region" means one of the Geographic Regions defined in Article V,
Section 6 of the ICANN bylaws.

	6. "RFC 1591" means the information and policy statement describing the
Domain Name System Structure and Delegation, issued by Jon Postel in March
1994 and entitled Request for Comments: 1591.


Purpose of Organization.
	The primary purpose of this organization of the ccTLD Constituency is (i)
to elect three members of the Names Council, the decision-making unit of
the DNSO, and (ii) to provide a forum for the membership to formulate
positions on policies within the purview of the DNSO.

	a) Eligibility.
Eligibility for membership in the ccTLD Constituency shall be limited to
ccTLD Registries and to organizations dedicated to promoting the activities
and welfare of ccTLD's generally (a "Related Organization").  ccTLD
Registries shall automatically become members upon registration as a member
in accordance with the procedures outlined in this Statement; Related
Organizations shall become members only upon the affirmative vote of at
least 1/2 (one-half) of all the Members.  To register as a member, a ccTLD
Registry must certify in form and substance satisfactory to the Chair of
the applicable regional organization that the Registry is in good standing
as a ccTLD as designated by IANA, and shall provide its contact information
including the name of the person with authority to represent the ccTLD,
address and communications information, and a description of the legal
structure of the organization. (the "Contact Information"). For the purpose
of facilitating this process, the initial Members of the ccTLD Constituency
shall be defined as those currently listed in the InterNIC Whois Database
for each active ccTLD Domain, as designated by the Internet Assigned Names
Authority (IANA) under RFC 1591. 

Termination of Membership.
The membership of a ccTLD shall be automatically terminated if a ccTLD
Registry ceases to be authorized to serve as a ccTLD Registry by IANA or
any successor of IANA.  Such membership shall also be terminated if the
Contact Information shall be found to be inaccurate and is not made
accurate within a reasonable time as determined by the Chairs.  The
membership of a Related Organization may be terminated upon the affirmative
vote of 2/3rds of all the members.

	The coordination and facilitation of the activities of the Constituency
shall be managed by the respective Chairs of the ccTLD organizations
representing the five Regions, in which role the Chairs may be known as the
Coordinating Committee. The Chairs of any member Related Organizations may
also serve on the Coordinating Committee upon agreement of at least three
of the Chairs of the five Regions. The Coordinating Committee shall serve a
facilitating and organizing role, and not a policy making role, for the
ccTLD Constituency. The Coordinating Committee shall maintain the records
of the organization, determine membership and voting procedures with input
from the members themselves, raise funds from among their regional
organizations where such funding is available, propose budgets and other
methods of financing to the membership, and generally manage the operations
of the organization. It is the intent of this paragraph to allocate the
operational activities of the ccTLD Constituency as much as possible to the
existing and emerging regional-based organizations and not to create an
additional structure or funding requirement for the ccTLD Constituency's
	Expenses.   The Coordinating Committee shall propose a budget of expenses
to the membership and a means for funding the expenses if needed. The
proposals shall require an affirmative vote of the Members at a meeting
called for the purpose on no less than fifteen days notice, which notice
shall contain the proposals substantially in the form to be voted upon, and
which meeting can take place electronically. 

The Names Council.  
	The members shall elect three representatives to the Names Council.  One
representative shall be elected for an initial term of three years, one for
an initial term of two years and one for an initial term of one year, and
their successors shall be elected for terms of three years commencing at
the expiration of the initial terms. After the expiration of any term a
representative shall be ineligible for further election as a representative
for a period of two years, except that the representative elected initially
for a term of one year shall be eligible to serve one additional term. 
	Not later than 30 days prior to any election, the Chairs shall each
nominate one candidate for election to the Names Council and not later than
10 days prior to any election, any member may also nominate one candidate.
Nominees to the Initial Names Council may be made by the Regional Chairs
not later than 10 days prior to the election. Nominees need not be members
of the Constituency.  To insure diversity of regional representation within
the Constituency, only one Representative with citizenship in a Region may
be elected to serve as the Constituency's representative on the Names
Council at any one time. In addition to the foregoing citizenship
requirements, nominations for any successor to a Representative whose term
has expired shall be limited to persons with either citizenship or a
principal place of business in a Region which has been underrepresented by
the Constituency on the Names Council for the longest period of time. Each
member shall have one vote for each Representative to be elected, and may
distribute such votes for one or more candidates as the member determines
.If nominees with overlapping citizenship in the same Region receive the
highest number of votes, the nominee with the highest number of votes shall
be elected and the other nominees with overlapping citizenship in the same
Region shall be disqualified. The Coordinating Committee shall manage the
conduct of the election according to procedures it deems appropriate and
consistent with this Statement.  

Meetings; Voting.
	Meetings of the members, including meetings for elections if required, may
be conducted electronically, provided that each party is able to
participate in the meeting on a full and equal basis with respect to
hearing or reading all of the communications of the other parties and with
respect to having its own communications heard or read by all of the other
parties.  Meetings of the members may be called by a majority of the Chairs
acting as the Coordinating Committee or by any five members.  Decisions of
the members, except where otherwise expressly provided, shall be by
majority vote of the members voting at a meeting where a quorum is present,
with a quorum consisting of not less than 50% of the members, provided that
votes concerning election of Representatives shall require a plurality,
votes for approval of expenses or budgets shall require a vote of the
majority of the entire membership, and votes to remove members and to amend
this Statement shall require a vote of 2/3rds of the entire membership. 

The Coordinating Committee shall give priority to assuring that as many
meetings as practical are conducted electronically under circumstances and
arrangements that assure the active participation of the maximum feasible
number of members as is reasonably possible, including allowing sufficient
time for votes to be submitted from remote locations with limited Internet