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Re: [IFWP] Request for reconsideration: inclusion of the Individuals' Constituency at the Berlin meeting

Esther and all,

  And interesting comment/response to Joop's reasonable request in light of
you all at ICANN arbitrarily stopping the submission of new freely formed
constituencies, for the DNSO, which were overwhelmingly opposed and plainly
so before the Singapore ICANN meeting in early March.  This sort of
back and forth inconsistency has been a plague on the whole ICANN
process.  And that really is the point, in part of Joops request/complaint.

Esther Dyson wrote:

I would encourage you to come to Berlin and to meet/join with  the two
constituencies mentioned below. Then you can decide if yet another
constituency is really necessary, and make whatever pobulic comments you want.


At 04:08 PM 19/05/99 +1200, Joop Teernstra wrote:
>Members of the interim ICANN Board,
>On your web page I now read the following discouraging phrase:
>>"As the Initial Constituencies will not yet have been recognized, the
>ICANN Board will not be considering any additional Constituencies at its
>next meeting in Berlin."
>As I am just in the process of preparing to fly from New Zealand to Berlin
>in order to have the Individuals considered as a constituency in their own
>right, I may be forgiven for urgently requesting you to reconsider this
>unfortunate decision.
>I feel that it is not right that the Individuals are disenfranchised at
>this moment, just when ICANN prepares to give the DNSO its structure.
>Strong arguments can be made that set the Individual Domain Name Owners
>apart from either Business Interests or Non-Commercial organizations.
>These arguments have been made by many, including now the Internet
>Governance Committee of the ACM.
>Including a Constituency for Individual Domain Name holders now will
>facilitate the formation of both the Business Interests constituency and
>the non-commercial Domain name holders' constituency and help delineating
>the different interests  more adequately.
>Please reconsider.
>I am no longer speaking on my own behalf, but on behalf of the individuals
>who have already joined this constituency as co-founders.
>Their  sentiments should convince you that there is a strongly felt need
>for separate representation.
>--Joop Teernstra LL.M.--
>the Cyberspace Association,
>the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners

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