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Re: [IFWP] Re: [dnso.discuss] Modifications to ICIIU Guidelines and NCDNHC definition

John and all,

  Although it is true that Michael has not updated the adherents URL
page, http://www.iciiu.org/adherence.htm in more than a month, it
is not necessarily a fact in evidence or otherwise known that the
NCDNHC does not have a substantive membership to my or the
public records knowledge.  This is proven out in the record at the
Berlin meeting,
and, http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/berlin/archive/open2.html
Hence It is reasonable to assume that there are some parties
participating in these discussions such as your self John and most
certainly William Walsh, that seem to attempting to discredit in the most
disgusting and inaccurate manner.

John B. Reynolds wrote:

> Richard J. Sexton wrote:
> >
> > At 11:22 AM 5/31/99 GMT, you wrote:
> > >And back on the thread here....
> > >
> > >None of this has shown that anyone really is a member of this
> > >"Congress" called the ICIIU except Mr Sondow......
> >
> > I am. As are the Canadian Killifish Association (300 memebrs) the
> > International Killifish Associatio (700 memebrs) and the Mercedes
> > Benz Veterans Club in Switzerland (250 members).
> >
> Unlikely, considering that Sondow himself has repeatedly stated that the
> "ICIIU" has no membership.  Perhaps you signed up for his NCDNHC "list of
> adherents", which is not the same thing.  You aren't listed there, but he
> doesn't appear to have updated it in the past month.


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