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Re: .cc TLDs

I was told that this was where I should send my comments regarding the .cc TLD suffix, so here goes.
I am vehemently against this proposition.  It's sole intent (or so it appears) is to find yet another way to prevent the small businessman from becoming successful on the Internet.  In my opinion (and those of my colleagues), having to "re-buy" our domain names is tantamount to extortion.
This nonsense of having my domain name sold to someone else just because I refuse to pay for an unwanted and unneeded TLD of .cc is just plain STUPID!!!
What is it going to be next month?  Perhaps a .dd TLD or maybe we will just milk this even farther and each month bring out a new TLD that everyone will have to pay for.  Why should we have to pay for all those people who are late in joining the Internet?  Why should we pay for THEIR reluctance and lack of foresight?
If these newcomers want to join the Internet, let them pay the price of having lousy names to choose from.  After all it's their fault, not ours.  That's the price of first come, first served.  We should not be penalized for their lack of vision.
Join with me, PLEASE, in refusing to support the .cc suffix and discourage others from joining this blatant attempt at extortion.  You already paid for your domain name, would you also pay for your house again just because a new Realtor moved into the neighborhood?
Best wishes and successful hopes for all of you good people out there,
Steve Duell
A-FIRST Website Designs
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