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Domain for the Home

With all the movement towards increased internet usage from the home,
what is the possibility of creating a new domain name for the home?
Such as .hom or .fam?  By using such a method, I could be
steve@hayes.hom and other members of my family would use
xxxx@hayes.hom.  I would own the rights to @hayes.hom.  One problem with
having an email address for your home is that if you ever change ISP,
you must change your email address.  Email addresses for the home (much
like they are for business) should be like phone numbers, you keep the
phone number but can change the provider to AT&T, Sprint, MCI etc...   I
could then go to any ISP and sign up with them, continuing to use
steve@hayes.hom and this move would be transparent to individuals
contacting me.

Any feedback on this subject would be appreciated.

Steve M. Hayes