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Content Protected Domains


About two weeks ago I sent you an e-mail message regarding a proposal for creating
new Content Protected Domains. It seems that my message is in the bit-heaven.
My message was addresed to
the public comments section. Here it is again:

It is my view that on the Internet there is objectionable content data, and
some of the web-site developers are not bound by the rules of morality. 

At the initial design of the Internet domnains, .com was planned to be a domain
for commercial use. In fact on the 
.com domain one can find sites that have books for sale,
sites that promote violence and intolerance, sites that 
display graphical sexual acts. This is nonsense. Internet 
sites are all mixed together in this .chaos (.com) domain.

I do propose to create new domains with respect to the content of the web sites
they will contain. 

        .gen - general audience content sites
        .adu - for adult audience content sites
        .res - for restricted content sites
        .non - for sites that do not want to bo bound
               by the rules of this domanins.

Note: This is a common classification as the one used for movies.