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NC Conference Call June 11, 1999


I acknowledge receipt of Mr. Sondow's e-mails to Ms. Porteneuve and to
you, as well as your e-mail in response.

I believe everyone understands that as much as possible, the operations
of the ICANN Board and the Names Council are to be transparent.  Clearly
there are times where, to effect business in a reasonable manner, a
closed meeting must take place, and clearly most people understand
this.  We seem to have started off on the wrong foot.  I see no point in
arguing with Mr. Sondow as to whether he should be on the conference
call on June 11.  He certainly seems to have sufficient interest in the
issues to participate as an observer, and I do not believe that his
participation would interfere with the orderly progress of the
conference call.  As yet we have no formal rules governing the
procedures to be followed at such meetings, nor are there any formal, or
informal officers of the Names Council (assuming there ever will be any)
in place, therefore there is nobody "in charge" at this point.  I would
strongly recommend that Mr. Sondow be welcomed as a participant in the
conference call.

However, I feel compelled to state my view that Mr. Sondow's tone and
threats were utterly uncalled for, contrary in all respects to the
spirit of compromise and cooperation which we are trying to develop, and
should be universally condemned.

I am particularly concerned about the repeated underlying, and now
express threat to rely on the U.S. government (Congress), the U.S.
Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Commerce to "step in"
and sanction participants in this process, which has clearly been made
international at the order of the U.S. Department of Commerce.  I doubt
if Mr. Sondow has any idea how difficult it is to remain calm, open,
compromising and inclusive in the face of such parochial and
inflammatory language.

Without further ado, I welcome Mr. Sondow's participation in the
teleconference call.

Jonathan Cohen

>Javier Sola-

>What is the meaning of this outrage? How dare you use your
>unofficial position as organizer of the ICANN/DNSO Names Council
>meetings to try and deprive a constituency organizer of the right to
>participate in the Names Council teleconference?

>Send me the details of the teleconference immediately, and put my
>email address back on the DNSO mailing lists I subscribed to, or I
>will file a complaint against you with the U.S. Department of

>Michael Sondow (ICIIU)

> Sent by Sola today:
> NC members,
> I have been following the developments in the non-commercial
> and they have got to a point in which there seems to be an
> between ISOC and ACM to work together, and that this understanding
> create a joint effort that will end up in a non-commercial
> being accepted by ICANN in Santiago.
> They have requested to be included in the conference call as
observers. I
> believe that they should be there. Please state your opinions.
> I have also received a request from Michael Sondow to be in the
> call. My personal advice is that this in not a very good idea or
> but if  the NC wants to also include him, I will be happy to send the
> details to him.
> Javier

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