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ICANN's DNSO website

Ms. Porteneuve-

I saw that you have archived, at the new DNSO website that you are
hosting (http://www.dnso.org), the previous Barcelona/Monterrey
DNSO.org webpages, and that you are calling them "History
(until June 2, 1999)". 

I'm afraid that isn't true. The present DNSO of ICANN is not the
result of the former DNSO.org, which was subsumed by the DNSO
discussions and compromise in Singapore. The present DNSO is the
result of a number of proposals, including the Paris draft and CENTR
proposals. You give a false idea by publishing, as you have, that
the DNSO recognized by ICANN is the outcome of the DNSO.org from
Barcelona and Monterrey. Could you please correct this?

I must also point out that you are using the "acronyms" page that
you invented and put on the new DNSO website for making CORE
propaganda and giving links to the gTLD-MoU. You have no less than 
ten entries for the gTLD-MoU and related entities on your "acronyms" 
list. This is propaganda.

The DNSO meeting in Berlin agreed for you to host the DNSO website
if you would act as a neutral third party, not so that you could use
it for making propaganda for CORE or for distorting its history.
Will you please correct these problems, and in future adopt an
attitude of neutrality, before you are held responsible 
for participating in a CORE capture of ICANN's DNSO?

Thank you.

Michael Sondow
International Congress of Independent Internet Users (ICIIU) 
        http://www.iciiu.org       iciiu@iciiu.org