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domain registration problems

Attached is a copy of correspondence with register.com, for your
Alan Buttery

Dear Register.com,
We recently changed the DNS servers and IP address for our domain to the
ones specified by our ISP according to your instructions using your
domain manager.  Why does our domain no longer appear as taken in your
"who is" database. Will this be corrected?  Also, why did the domain
registration done through register.com never appear in Network Solutions
"who is" database?  Will this also change?  Does this mean that someone
else using register.com or network solutions could take my domain. What
good is my registration through register.com if nobody can see it,
especially those who are using what is still considered to be the
primary registrar (network solutions)? It only shows with register.com
if I go into the domain manager.  Please advise if these things will be
corrected and their status.  I will copy this document to ICANN.
Thank you,
Alan Buttery
Spirit and Truth Christian Church
ref. #1129027140