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Wrongful Use of an Established Corporate Name

I am trying to determine if this is the site I need to address my
problem.  There are two sites that are using our corporate name on the
internet:  Learnware.com and Learnware.net.  We have been a corporation
since 1988 and I have copyrights under the name.  We are now incorported
in Oregon.  We are ready to establish a web page and to our shock found
two uses of our corporate name.

It is not right for me to have paid taxes all these years and now not
have the right to our corporate name.  When we incorporated we had to do
a legal name search, and the name had to be unique.  WeI need to know
what laws govern the service providers?  They should be subject to
corporate name searches!--as I was.

Please let me know what options I have and what federal laws apply in
this case.  We wish to use our corporate name, just as Disney, AT&T,
GTE, etc.  Thank You.  Jim Rerucha/Judith Neff, President and Vice
President, Learnware (Learn-ware), Inc.