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Hey there,
My name is Matthias Barczus, I am the webmaster of the german sites of the
IFAK at www.kournikova.org
The reason why I write you this letter is the following:
Our organizer Björn Schneider sends you some days ago our new server address
for our websites! We are still waiting for your permission that the sites
are online again! It is really important for us that the sites are online
again as soon as possible!
I give you again the infos about the sites:

address: www.kournikova.org
server: www2.actfit.com
contact: Björn schneider, homesite@t-online.de

I hope you can check this again and I thank you for your work!

seeya Matthias Barczus

Anna Kournikova's german headquarters
                   -The nearest place to Anna-
                           contact under: Zzeewolf@gmx.de