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ISP's and the public dealing with NSI's Fraud

It looks to me like the govt has no intention of cleaning up this mess they
have created. Lets start with NSI which if memory servs correct is realy or
was in the last 5 years a part of AT&T (That should have been our first clue).

1. Taking control of the whois database. (Copyrighting its use / refusing
others to utilize the database / removing information from the database)

2. Refusing to register domain names under the grounds it may violate their
morals. (When did the Fed allow them to do the FCC's job)

3. Proposing to charge a 1 dollar tax on all new registrations. (Look they
want more money, what a suprise)

Then we turn to arin (These people are no better)

This quote is from their web page

                        IPv6 Allocation Fees and Renewal Policy

     Organizations approved for receiving an initial allocation of IPv6
addresses will be charged an annual fee
     of $2,500 (US) for a /35, or $20,000 (US) for larger amounts, payable
prior to receiving the addresses and
     thereafter on the anniversary date of the initial allocation. For
subsequent/additional IPv6 space, the
     maximum fee of $20,000 (US) will be assessed. However, any organization
moving up from the standard
     allocation of /35 to a large allocation category in any given year will
be charged the difference in category
     fees. The organization will be charged for its anniversary fee at the
new, larger category rate. These fees are
     separate from any other fees being paid to ARIN. Please review ARIN's
Fee Schedule, found at
     http://www.arin.net/feeschedule.html, for more details regarding ARIN's
IPv6 fee policy.   

Gee what a surprise they want yet more money, the next line realy upsets
many of us in the field (Considering they lied to congress)

     "While IPv6 may have a greater number of bits (128 bits compared to
IPv4's 32 bits), it was not designed to address 
     the routing table overload and renumbering concerns." <-- this is not
what they said when the pushed for development of IP6.

At the current rate I expect 50% of the smaller ISP's in this country to be
gone by July 2000. Many simply cannot expand when faced with such rediculous
fee's. We are setting our selfs up for another Ma Bell (AT&T from the 70's).
I urge others in the industry to put their foot down on this matter and make
it very clear to congress if they dont take action and remove the wastefull
fee's from the internet WE as a group will do it ourselfs. For remember the
Internet is nothing more then groups of dedicated fiber and copper lines,
running from one point to another ALL PRIVATELY owned. <------ Thats the key. 


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