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Re: Was any progress made ?

Jim and all,

  Unfortunately, no, not much if any progress was made.  As per
usual the ICANN is not listening, much like the IANA.

  As Diane Cabell reported during the berlin meeting that Esther doesn't
read the ICANN comments mail depository, one can only surmise that
the ICANN (Initial?) Interim board is NOT interested in "Community Input"
in any real sense.  <sigh> COuple this with the fact that very rarely
do any of the ICANN (Initial?) Interim board engage in meaningful
discussion on any of the relative lists, you are left with a scenario of
a board that is "Out of Touch with Reality".  This was evident in
recent policy decisions that the ICANN (Initial?) Interim board has made
of late and their PR firms off base declarative and nonsensical
PR blurbs.

Jim Fleming wrote:

> @@@
> http://lists.ifwp.org/archive/1999/Jul/IFWP_LIST_Volume:_1_Number:_463.txt
> One person is responsible for 20 % of the comments.
> Only 17 people have filed more than two comments.as follows:
> Michael Dillon <michael@memra.com>                         110
> Michael Sondow <msondow@iciiu.org>                          70
> jeff Williams <jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com>                      24
> Karl Auerbach <karl@CaveBear.com>                            9
> John B. Reynolds <john@reynolds.chicago.il.us>               8
> rb1000@ix.netcom.com (Ron Bennett)                           7
> erony@marin.k12.ca.us (Ellen Rony)                           6
> Eric Weisberg <weisberg@texoma.net>                          6
> John D. Goodspeed <John@Annapolis.Net>                       5
> Baumgärtner Alexander <alexander.baumgaertner@khe.siemens.de>4
> Russ Smith <russ@russ-smith.com>                             4
> Jim R. <InfoCker@worldnet.att.net>                           4
> Ed Gerck <egerck@mcg.org.br>                                 3
> Darren Nelson <darrenn@reel.com>                             3
> markh@superb.com                                             3
> Joseph Friedman <josephf@touro.edu>                          3
> Richard J. Sexton <richard@sexton.com>                       3
> @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
> Jim Fleming
> http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/domainname/130dftmail/03_23_98-2.htm
> http://www.unir.com/images/architech.gif
> http://www.unir.com/images/address.gif
> http://www.unir.com/images/headers.gif
> http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/domainname/130dftmail/unir.txt
> UNIR@http://www.activeworlds.com


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