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New TLDs

I understand that DNSO is working on expanding the number of TLDs and that
there will be a comment period at some time in which I would like to

As both a parent and a business user of the internet I have had a great
concern over pornography and spam and I have had an idea for sometime which
could help in addressing these concerns.

I believe that a TLD specific to the pornography industry should be issued.
This would allow for relatively simple filters which could exclude all sites
which purvey  this type of product from entering the home.  It could also
provide a filter to my email so that I could avoid the time consuming chore
of deleting this unsolicited garbage.

I believe that strong legislation should be passed requiring the use of the
new TLD and that there should be significant penalties for not using it.

This would not trample on the alleged "freedom of speech" which this type of
commerce hides under. Anybody which wishes to view and purchase this stuff
would have the same freedoms they enjoy now to indulge themselves.  It would
establish a fence in the internet world that would separate legitimate
commerce from trash.

Some ideas are .sex (sex related merchandise) .prn (pornagraphy) etc.

Time doesn't permit me to elaborate  just now, but I do want to get this
concept into the TLD discussion forum.

Thank you.