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Re: DOJ, ICANN accused of collusion

Russ and all,

  It looks as though, and I would agree that ICANN and in specific
Joe Sims has and is engaged in activities that are at least
questionable as has been his habit and the habit to date of the
IANN (Initial?) Interim Board.  I agree with the Congressman's
concern here completely.

  One might also recall just a few weeks ago that the IANA/ICANN's
m.root-servers.net was corrupted.  I wonder if Congressman
Bliley's is aware of that fact as well...  If not he will be now.  I for
one believe that the Congressman's concerns are fully warranted...

domainiac wrote:

> http://news.com/News/Item/0,4,39947,00.html?st.ne.fd.mdh.ni
> I think the Sims e-mail is overblown.  So what, I complain to NTIA all the
> time about NSI.  If you think there is illegal activity then complain to DOJ
> if NTIA won't do enough.
> Russ Smith
> http://ICANNT.org


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