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Re: The Updated "Enrolled Organizations List" of NCDNHC from 7.1. to 7.31.

Raul and all,

  Raul, my point here was to follow your original application.  That application
directly states that ENRED is a registered as a NON-PROFIT incorporated
entity.  This is not therefore, NON-COMMERCIAL.  Hence does not
qualify for the stated requirements of the NCDNHC for membership.

  If the NCDNHC is to be a NON-COMMERCIAL constituency it's members
must be legally NON-COMMERCIAL entities.

Raul Echeberria wrote:

>  As has already pointed out, and you indirectly verify here, is that ENRED
>is not, non-commercial, and therefore doesn't qualify for membership in the

I don't understand you, but really  I'm not very interested in some
explanation about your mail.

If there is any doubt from other people, ENRED is a 100 % non commercial

Unfortunately for my family, all of my activities are non commercial. At
least at the present. May be in the future I can apply for a good job in

Raul Echeberria

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