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NSI class action lawsuit?


 I have been following the NSI and ICANN battle for a good while. I have to
keep up on these things for my consulting customers who are mostly ISP's.
 I don't know much about law, but I know most of my customers can prove that
they have lost business directly because of NSI's changing policies and had
to put out extra expenses to fix problems cause by NSI.

 Not more that a month ago NSI put something like 60 thousand domains on
hold. No big deal right, wrong they changed there policy of putting a ON
HOLD statement on the whois records. So most of my customers had no idea
what was wrong, all they knew is that there customers were pissed because
there domains didn't work. After I checked about 200 domains at the root
server I found they had no entries, so we had to call and deal with the rude
NSI staff to see is they could fix them.

My question is. Is there any legal grounds for a class action lawsuit
against NSI?

 I would be more than willing to register a domain NSILAWSUIT.com or
something like that to get public input on this if its possible to sue.

Something has to be done about NSI. Now there going to put a search engine
up with our whois information. I remember about a year ago a company wanted
to put the whois records on cdrom's and NSI fought them on it and won.

If there are some attorneys out there that know about internet law maybe
they could shed some light on this. I at this point don't know if NSI could
be sued because of the contract they have with the DOC.

Again if there is a true interest in this I am willing to donate my time,
servers and bandwidth.


Steve Doty
Jaxx Communications