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Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 21:34:40 -0400
From: Gordon Cook <cook@cookreport.com>
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when i use the web site to pay the renewal on my domain name, it 
comes back and gives me an opportunity to print screen showing that 
your card number has been accepted.  It suggests that you do that and 
save the result as your reciept.  Did you do that?  You then have 
something to fax them?

Rutt promised more than a month ago to set up an ombudsman to deal 
with problems like you have had.  he hasn 't done this.  i am trying 
to find out why and am getting no where with them on this score. 

>I just received a Deactivation Notice for Jungling.Net today and I'm not
>happy and can relate to the horror situations some of my customers have gone
>though with NETS.O.L.
>End of June comes around and I Get the renewal email and I go to
>https://payments.networksolutions.com/ and pay for it via CC. Normal
>procedure . . .
>Two weeks ago I get Final Notice letter for payment for Jungling.net
>indicating that they have messed up and lost the registration so I lookup
>the reference number and call my credit card company and behold NETS.O.L.
>had charged the credit card account.  So I called NETS.O.L. and spoke with
>an Account Representative (AR) and they indicate they have no record of the
>charge. So I fax them the supporting documentation, email,  but don't have
>my credit card statement yet from the bank.  The (AR) Indicates that without
>a copy of the statement from the Credit card company they can't prove that a
>transaction has been made.  (I'm mad at this point but not livid)  So I send
>them a check (which they cashed 2 days later) thinking case closed and I
>will protest the credit card charge later.
>Now today I get the DEACTIVATION NOTICE,  I have a cancelled check,  I have
>a credit card statement both indicating they have been paid.
>I understand how Billing systems and mistakes can happen but what makes me
>LIVID is when I just spoke with an A.R. She couldn't help me because her
>computer was down. THIS IS A PROBLEM!
>Just blowing off steam. . .
>John Jungling
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