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Re: Vote procedure

Dany and all,

  Good points here Dany.

  It seems to me that before any voting should take place, there needs
to be a clear and definitive determination as to what the qualifications
for NCDNHC membership are.  Currently there and quite a number
of applicants that and not NON-COMMERCIAL.

Dany Vandromme wrote:

> I would have clarified the followings:
> 1) Voting will be allawed for all constutuency members. Is there any
> closing date to join the constituency and fix (blocked) the list of voting
> bodies. As example, a new member for Ghana (cict.org.gh) generates a bunch
> of traffic mails, only because the web site was supposely brand new and
> not declared worldwide through the DNS servers. Vany, Jeff and others
> discussed a lot and cocluded that, it would be possible to check something
> after a week......
> What would happen if new members apply to the contituency till the las
> minute before the vote.....
> Should we stick with the Park's listing as the recognized voting members?
> 2)  How each of us (members of the constituency) will vote?
> Small bodies have one vote, big bodies have two votes. OK.
> Are these votes for a single name (or pair in the dilemna issue) or for a
> list of 5 names, because 5 seats are to be filled. But then, it will
> require that all list votes will pick up 5 names from different
> geographical regions.
> If we vote for one name (first scenario), i am afraid that the votes will
> be completely dispersed and the top 5 will come from a strong randomness.
> Any comments?
> Thnaks
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