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Hi my dear networksolutions!

What feature you get up??!!
Today, it is last drop of patience, i have decided to pay for the domain
At this time have thought up something new!!!!!!!!!!

 Thank you for connecting to Network Solutions's On-Line Payment System.

Services are currently not available.
Please try again in a little while.
[If you have repeatedly received this message after several attempts to
use this service, please notify hostmaster@internic.net or to pay using
our interactive voice response payment system please call (888) 771-3000
from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
or (402) 496-9798 from other locations.
If you want to start with a new domain, please click on the Start
button. If you want to quit the payment system, please click Quit.
<start> <quit>
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Please read our Disclaimer.

How many it can happining!!!???? At last time I can't make payment by
domain alena.net....
One day ago I can't make change in my domain! WHAT'S

Where to me still to complain?!!!???